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The accredited continuing education courses of art study art from its origins in the primitive caves up to the experimental contemporary art of today.


The accredited continuing education courses of art investigate the world's culture and artistic traditions in an attempt to set a logical order to the myriad of names, periods, and styles of art through time and space. These courses present art as a continuous and constantly changing interweaving of cultures. In these latter, each artistic work is anchored in the past and points to the future. It is considered as a chain that link our present to the pyramids’ epoch.


The accredited continuing education courses of art also review on-stage artistic forms of expression, namely films, television, theatre, music, dance, and visual arts. They explore the ways in which performing arts reflect the social, political, and religious aspects of various cultures and civilizations.


Finally, the accredited continuing education courses of art philosophically review the processes of creation and artistic design, discuss the impact of art in daily life, and evaluate various styles, approaches, and interpretations of artistic design. These courses investigate the major problems that face artistic designers, such as the idea of talent, the personality of the artist, and the creative blocks. In addition, they provide all the creative and inspirational tools needed as resources for artistic designers.


List of the accredited continuing education art courses:

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