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The accredited continuing education courses of education examine three fundamental questions about teaching: 'how', "what", and "why". A solid understanding of pedagogy (literally the science of teaching) is essential to every trainer to deliver outstanding education.


The accredited continuing education courses of education explore a number of questions: what is understanding and how it differs from knowledge? What is needed for students to understand new concepts? What do we expect to achieve? What type of knowledge deserves to be learned permanently? How can we differentiate students who truly understand? How is knowledge applied effectively? How to design courses that guarantee understanding?


The accredited continuing education courses of education create a bridge between nursery school and first education, as well as preschool and primary education programs. These courses present a comprehensive overview of effective and practical development of children by answering essential questions related to these topics such as what, how, and why. Accredited continuing education of education courses address all aspect of adaptation related to age, individual, society, and culture.


Finally, the accredited continuing education courses of education offer strategies of integrating available resources with technologically advanced education methodologies as well as culture, diversity, and change in order to produce sound educational programs, effective strategies for teaching, and successful supervision of training processes.


List of the accredited continuing education courses in education:

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