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The accredited continuing education courses of philosophy study the fundamental issues needed to understand nature and humans stands in it. The importance of studying philosophy lies in the habits of thought that instills, in the open-mindedness that fosters, and in the perspectives that it gives us about ourselves, our activities, and our coexistence with others.


The accredited continuing education courses of philosophy provide us with a unique opportunity to improve our analytical capabilities, criticism, and overall understanding. In addition, philosophy empowers us with the ability to express ourselves clearly, formulate, and respond to arguments verbally and/or literally. Since our life is highly affected by what happens in other cultures, their thoughts, and beliefs; it is better to understand others to enhance our capacity to achieve a safer, more productive, and more vigilant community.


The accredited continuing education courses of philosophy allow students to gain a transcendent sense of life and a meticulous analysis of religion, mythology, customs, beliefs, and worldwide rituals. In addition, these courses discuss the processes that define human existence, namely birth, death, conflict, loss, reconciliation, and seasons’ cycle.


List of the accredited continuing education courses of philosophy:

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