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The accredited continuing education courses of Social Sciences study human society and its key structures such as family, religion, education, science, technology, economy, and political institutions. Emotional and behavioral problems are essentially social in nature.


These accredited continuing education courses of social science highlight the effects of novel ideas and clinical experiences on the practice of social work. They examine various therapeutic approaches including psychology, seizure treatment, patient-focused theories, transactional analysis, systems theory, social work objectives, and the neuro-linguistic. These courses empower students with the skills and knowledge crucial for an efficient and comprehensive social work; one that integrates the latest theoretical developments in the field.


The accredited continuing education courses of Social Sciences also discuss the history and methods of political science including their key ideologies and their different perspectives. These sociological aspects are rooted in the development and evolution of communities and societies. These courses explore ways to deal with the economic, health, and social problems from various social and intercultural perspectives.


Finally, the accredited continuing education courses of Social Sciences examine legal, political, and moral issues at national and international levels in an attempt to identify the ideological and political motivations that underlie both global and regional regimes, as well as human rights organizations.


List of the accredited continuing education courses of Social Sciences:

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